League of Legends – Fiddlesticks Gameplay Preview Video

Following the Terror in Demacia League of Legends CGI trailer, Riot Games published a couple more videos dedicated to the recently updated hero. The first one is a minute-long Fiddlesticks gameplay preview demonstrating the seemingly harmless scarecrow taking to the field in darkness to reap what someone else sowed and the artistic process behind bringing the scarecrow to life.

Fear has a new face—and some new tricks. Emerge from the shadows to terrify your foes with Fiddlesticks, The Ancient Fear.

Fiddlesticks’ reworked kit consists of:

  • Terrify (Q) –  Passive: While out of combat and unseen, if Fiddlesticks’s abilities damage an enemy, they become terrified, fleeing in the opposite direction. Active: Terrify the target and damage them based on their current health. If this ability is cast on an enemy that was recently terrified, they take double damage instead of being terrified again.
  • Bountiful Harvest (W) – Fiddlesticks drains the souls of all nearby enemies, damaging them continuously over a few seconds and healing Fiddlesticks based on damage dealt. The last tick damages and heals based on the target’s missing health. If Bountiful Harvest fully channels or if no enemies remain to be harvested, Bountiful Harvest’s cooldown is partially refunded.
  • Reap (E) – Fiddlesticks damages and slows enemies in a crescent-shaped area in front of itself. Enemies in the center of the crescent are also silenced.
  • Crowstorm (R) – Fiddlesticks channels before blinking to the target location and continuously damaging nearby enemies for several seconds.
  • A Harmless Scarecrow (Passive) – Fiddlesticks’ trinket is replaced by Scarecrow Effigies that look exactly like Fiddlesticks. Effigies grant vision like regular wards. Enemy champions who approach an effigy activate it, causing the effigy to fake a random action (ex. basic attacking or casting Crowstorm), after which the effigy destroys itself.

    Fiddlesticks can hold up to two Effigies at once. Effigy cooldown decreases and duration increases with Fiddlesticks’ level. At level 6, placing an Effigy reveals nearby wards for 6 seconds.

The developers have also published the official champion theme for Fiddlesticks. You can find it below:

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