League of Legends Has 25% of Online Gaming Traffic – How Can Rivals Compete?

League of Legends Has 25% of Online Gaming Traffic – How Can Rivals Compete

Riot Games’ League of Legends has long been top of the conversation when it comes to online gaming, but a new report just confirms the MOBA’s dominance. In Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena report, the statistics company said that League of Legends is responsible for 26.42% of global gaming traffic. Trailing well behind it in second place is multiplayer shooter Fortnite, with 14.85%. 

If Fortnite can’t catch up then it’s difficult to imagine that any game will be able to take League of Legends’ place at the top. But that doesn’t mean that other games can’t take plenty of lessons from the game’s phenomenal success.

Regular Updates

Because there are so many titles in the multiplayer game space, the key to keeping the competition at bay is regular updates. Regular updates help to keep players not only engaged in a game but also enthused about it. When a game gets some new content, players should want to shout out about it from the rooftops, telling their friends to play, too. This is how the player base will grow.

Regular updates are best as it gives players a steady schedule to look forward to. Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is especially good at this as its Halloween Terror 2018 event is just one of several seasonal events it hosts during different, but specific, times of the year.

Live Events

League of Legends has also succeeded because of its esports. Riot Games has poured a huge amount of money into the game’s competitive scene. Fans are able to watch the best players pull off the most impressive skills for massive prize pots. The action is live-streamed around the world meaning that anyone, anywhere is able to tune in and watch matches play out as they happen. They can also comment on the games and discuss the best plays.

Not every game needs to have a major esports push and the integration of live events can be on a smaller scale. With LeoVegas live blackjack, players are able to play blackjack with live dealers. A real-life person will deal cards and interact with players in real-time, letting players take on the dealer at 21 rather than a computer. Players enjoy getting to interact with games – and gamers – in real-time and seeing responses as they happen and all forms of that will work.

Easy To Pick Up and Play

Most multiplayer games have complicated meta systems that are ever-changing. For games that receive regular updates and tweaks, this is to be expected. The Hearthstone meta, that shifts the power of cards and dictates which cards work best in certain decks, shows this. Players then have to collect different cards and figure out how to use them effectively.

But even so, many multiplayer games are still easy to pick up and play in the first place. Whether that be free to play titles or premium games with demos or welcome bonuses, multiplayer games are best when they’re accessible.

So, will a game topple League of Legends soon? Probably not. But even so, games could still taste a bit of the success of the Riot Games title for themselves. 

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