League of Legends Sends Dr. Mundo to the PBE

League of Legends

Dr. Mundo is one of the original forty characters that launched in League of Legends in 2009. As part of the Riot Games overhaul of some of the iconic characters from the hugely popular MOBA, Dr. Mundo is undergoing both a visual and a gameplay transformation. Players interested in getting a look at his updated visuals and abilities can log into the Public Beta Environment (PBE) to take a peek. The plan is to launch Dr. Mundo’s post-surgical upgrade with patch 11.12. Several of his “legacy skins” will continue to be available through patches 11.12 and 11.13 before they are retired.

Utterly mad, tragically homicidal, and horrifyingly purple, Dr. Mundo is what keeps many of Zaun’s citizens indoors on particularly dark nights. Now a self-proclaimed physician, he was once a patient of Zaun’s most infamous asylum. After “curing” the entire staff, Dr. Mundo established his practice in the empty wards that once treated him and began mimicking the highly unethical procedures he had so often experienced himself. With a full cabinet of medicines and zero medical knowledge, he now makes himself more monstrous with each injection and terrifies the hapless “patients” who wander near his office.

Dr. Mundo’s abilities have been tweaked and retooled for his makeover:

  • Passive: Goes Where He Pleases
  • Q: Infected Bonesaw
  • W: Heart Zapper
  • E: Blunt Force Trauma
  • R: Maximum Dosage

Want to know more? Head to the League of Legends official site to see what else this bad boy has in store.

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