League of Legends: Wild Rift – Lunar Revel 2022 Event Trailer

Are you ready to cook something special up for the Lunar Banquet this year? Lunar Revel 2022 event is about to kick off in the free-to-play mobile MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift. The event starts on January 26th and will run through February 22nd.

Upon first visiting the event page, you’ll be greeted with an empty table. But don’t get discouraged by the growls of your stomach, because you’ll also start with 5 ingredients—the exact number you’ll need to cook up some Lunar New Year cuisine! Just tap the glowing dish to get started.

If you’re still peckish after your first meal, complete missions as they become available to earn more ingredients and fill out your feast at 5 ingredients per dish. Each dish you create will unlock rewards in the order listed on the official site.

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