Leak Shows What StarCraft Ghost Could Have Been

Unexpected Leak Shows What StarCraft Ghost Could Have Been

Blizzard announced stealth-based action game StarCraft Ghost during Tokyo Games Show in 2002, with the game eventually being placed on “indefinite hold” and later cancelled altogether. Featuring November “Nova” Terra, the game was intended for Nintendo GameCube, PS2 and Xbox.

The supposed protagonist of the game, Nova, got featured in a few books (Starcraft: Ghost – Nova & Spectres) and comic (StarCraft: Ghost Academy). The media seems to have been preparing the character for her big in-game debut in the stealth action game but ultimately it went nowhere. Nova also makes an appearance during StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign as well as acts as a protagonist in the SCII DLC series StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops (and its accompanying comic Nova: The Keep).

Lastly, Nova also made it into the Nexus as a ranged assassin.

Check out the official Blizzard site if you want to find out more about the company’s games.

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