Leaked Details Emerge About Mario + Rabbids DLC


If you’re a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle fan, you’ll be interested to hear that new details have leaked about new content coming in early 2018. In fact, reports indicate it should be in players’ hands around January 16th.

The information came via the eShop that leaked an image / listing that was captured by ResetEra.

Here’s what we know about the Gold Edition DLC:

  • there will be 8 new solo challenges and 5 co-op maps
  • 16 new weapons are included
  • a brand new “exclusive world featuring a new hero”

According to IGN, the $80 Gold Edition was updated with its first DLC in October. Called the Ultra Challenge Pack, it brought a new co-op campaign to the game and five co-op maps, eight new Ultra Hard Challenges and 16 new weapons to the game.

Here’s a snippet from our recent review of the game:

I genuinely found myself smiling from the hijinks. There was a spark through E3 when this game was unveiled. Its rampant praise caused the creative director to tear up and become a meme. Let me tell you, the hype is real. Nintendo, as always, in a sea of dark and gritty games reminds us that purely aiming for fun can be enough. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a testament to fun, wrapped around a game filled with depth and creativity.

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