Learn About Wasteland 3 Factions in New Video

inXile Entertainment has released the latest in a series of video developer diaries for Wasteland 3. In this latest entry, the team takes a look at the “myriad factions” that players will encounter in WL3.

Despite the cold, Colorado is full of folks, some friendly, others twisted and deranged. Delve into the diverse and warped factions of Wasteland 3 as they fight for power in the savage frozen wastes of post-apocalyptic Colorado. Who will survive?”

Some of the factions include the Patriarch’s Marshals, a group of twisted enforcers. There is also The Gippers, a group dedicated to the memory of Ronald Reagan. Each of the many factions are vying for control and power in what’s left of Colorado. How players react to and interact with each one will determine the repercussions of every decision. As developers have said, “The choice is up to you.”

Check out the dev diary before heading to the Wasteland 3 official site to learn more about the game that is primed for release on August 28th for consoles and PC.

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