Legends of Aria makes its Steam debut

Legends of Aria

Citadel Studios has announced that its sandbox MMORPG, Legends of Aria, is now available on Steam. The world of Celador is a “modern take on sandbox gameplay” that is inspired by some of yesterday’s classics. This includes Ultima Online and EVE Online.

The best thing about a new launch is the day-of patch that comes with it. LoA has gotten a ton of new features including the new Bard skill line, a more streamlined experience in the Profession System, the brand new Weapon/Armor Enchanting System, and more.

There is a new “fresh start” server available that makes it easier for everyone as they all begin on equal footing.

For those who like to receive monthly perks, there is an optional Premium Subscription service. For those who like cosmetic items, the in-game Shop is packed with tons of new content.

Lastly, the entire game has been spit-shined and polished with quality of life improvements, feature enhancement, bug fixes and much, much more.

Check out the Legends of Aria Steam page to learn more.

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