Legends of Aria – March 2021 Development Update

Legends of Aria

The developers from Citadel Studios have shared the March 2021 development update for MMORPG Legends of Aria, revealing plans for the future of the game.

Point Release 11 has been postponed indefinitely. An update like this is a big job and something that demands a level of completion and polish that the smaller team size cannot complete to a level of standard that the team expects in a reasonable frame of time.

The single most common request for the team was to revisit factions. With the Point Release 11 moved to a later date, the team now has the capacity to return to the system. The previous designs for factions were imperfect for the players and the team, and redesigning the system in a way that is fun will take a bit of time.

The developers have also expressed their wish to work with the community to create a new Legends of Aria experience by launching a new type of experimental server, one where the team will work closely with the community to reimagine the experience of adventuring in Celador from the ground up.

“Development on this server will be informed by regular communications with, and feedback from, our community. Instead of large, sweeping updates, we will work slowly with a focus on polish and ensuring that all systems work well with others”

The third focus will be on delivering on one of the earliest promises to players – the opening of the Community Admin Program to the public. There are a number of issues that need to be considered and addressed prior, but the conversation has been started. The team will update the community on progress as it occurs.

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