Legends of Runeterra – Adding More Agency to Progression

Legends of Runeterra - Adding More Agency to Progression

After six weeks of beta, a lot of data and feedback collected from the testers, Riot is making a big update to the progression system and the in-game economy of Legends of Runeterra. The team prepared a lengthy blog post on the official site to explain the rationale behind it.

The developers note that the methods chosen to achieve certain goals like making sure that the meta continues to evolve were less than ideal. So the team is adding more agency to the progression: a Champion Wildcard each week from a Vault that can now level up infinitely, no daily XP cap, and unlimited direct purchase of any card, among other things.

Effective starting Patch 0.9.3 (going live on March 31st), you’ll be able to:

  • Earn unlimited (and improved) Vault rewards
    • Level 2+ includes an Expedition Token (previously awarded at level 10).
    • Level 5+ includes a random Champion card (you can Braum Wave goodbye to bad luck Vaults with no Champions)
    • Level 10+ includes a Champion Wildcard (replaces level 5 random Champion card).
    • Beyond Level 13, unlock additional, unlimited capsules, each of which contains at least 3 Rares and 2 Commons, with a chance to upgrade to an Epic or Champion Capsule
  • Earn unlimited XP
    • PVP wins in Normal / Ranked and Expeditions net you at least 200 and 100 base XP (respectively), every time. Play as much as you want!
    • AI wins will always provide at least 50 XP going forward
  • Purchase unlimited wildcards
    • No more weekly stock in the store
    • Alternatively, you can directly purchase cards in the Collection tab using Coins (cost is identical to the equivalent wildcard)
  • Easily and consistently play Expeditions

Making the direct purchase of cards unlimited and unlocking the XP and the Vault works for players who invest money or time respectively, but what about those who don’t or can’t invest that way? The team is adding XP Boost levels that will accelerate anyone who’s far behind into a reasonable range.

Over time, additional XP Boost levels will be added based on how long and how quickly active players have been progressing to ensure there isn’t a huge disparity in card collections. If a significant part of the community ends up rocketing way ahead of the pack, the rest of the community can draft off them to catch up. We want coming back after a break to be easy and appealing, and ensure that it’s always a good time to start playing LoR.

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