Legends of Runeterra Launches This Week on PC and Mobile

legends of runeterra launch

Legends of RUnterra, the competitive card game from Riot, is all set to launch out of beta and arrive on mobile devices within the next couple of days.

Players participating in beta testing of Riot’s new deck-building title will likely already be expecting the imminent release of this anticipated title. The rest of us PC players can get our hands on Runeterra on 30 April, when it launches for real. Alongside the full launch of the game on PC, Riot is adding a new expansion to the deck today, called Rising Tides.

Rising Tides

The new rising Tides addition to Runeterra deals in a set of new cards to the existing roster as well as a brand new region called Bilgewater. This totals over 120 new cards all in, with 11 new champions across seven regions. Fizz, Gangplank, Twisted Fate, Nautilus, and Miss Fortune are just some of the new names to Runeterra as patch launch. Full details of the expansion set can be found over at the official Legends of Runeterra patch notes.

To add to the festivities, mobile players can get in on the action. Between now and 30 April, Riot intends to deploy Legends of Runeterra on mobile, although you’ll need to keep an eye on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store as Riot hasn’t given exact dates for deployment. Finally, players logging in after the release of Patch 1.0 can grab a bunch of free rewards. These daily log in incentives seem to include an expedition token, a golden chest, a champion capsule, a platinum chest, and a new starter deck.

With plenty of loot on offer, new cards, and a mobile client imminent, it appears Riot are set to get the Legends of Runeterra launch out to as many players as possible this month. If you’ve yet to experience Legends of Runeterra than head over to the official website for more detail, but not before checking out some of the Tales of Runterra.

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