Lego Star Wars Is Getting A Mobile Strategy game

LEGO Star Wars Battles screenshot - Lego Star Wars Is Getting A Mobile Strategy game

Lego Star Wars is getting a mobile strategy game titled Lego Star Wars Battles, coming soon to Apple Aracade.

Fans of the family friendly Star Was Franchise that mixes a galaxy far far away with building blocks from mainland Europe are about to get an unexpected treat with the announcement that a very different Lego Star Wars game is coming to Apple Arcade. Lego Star Wars Battle will open fire sometime in the near future on iOS devices and bring the fun-filled world of Lego Star Wars into an action strategy experience.

The game blends iconic Lego Star Wars characters, vehicles, and locations with real-time, one-versus-one multiplayer battles. The same studio that sits at the helm of the Lego gaming franchise, TT Games, is behind the rather unexpected announcement and draws on a long history with the Lego series of video games. Featuring characters and vehicles from across the Lego Star Wars franchise, this strategic mobile battle allows players to build legendary squads and pit their wits against online opponents in a galaxy far far away. While aiming for victory, players will be able to deploy troops and build Lego towers on the battlefield as they attempt to destroy their opposite number’s base.

While I still remember the mess that was Command & Conquer going mobile, the combination of Apple Arcade’s more premium subscription model and TT Games experience with the Lego Star Wars franchise gives us some hope that this upcoming adventure is going to be fun. Players interested in getting into their own on the go X Wing, AT-AT, or more can sign up for Apple Arcade for a low monthly subscription of $4.99 with a one-month free trial. Lego Star Wars Battles will be playable across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

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