LEGO: The Incredibles – Building Heroes One Block at a Time

User Rating: 7

Did you ever wish you could play with characters like Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, or anyone else from this family? Well, the great news is that now you can, but wait, there’s more. Now you get the feeling of the movies with the building capacity of, you guessed it, LEGOs! If you have played any LEGO game previously then you know what you are in store for. Building blocks, destroying blocks to make new blocks, you name it you will get it. This is our review of LEGO: The Incredibles.

From LEGO Developer, TT Fusion and Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment comes the next installment in the saga that is LEGO games. In the past, we have seen games coming from movies like Indiana Jones, and the Avengers, now we have the Incredibles. Follow Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl and family as they star in their own video game. I will give you a brief heads up if you haven’t watched the Incredibles 2 yet.

*SPOILER ALERT* This game starts precisely where the new movie begins and if you want to see the movie first, quick, hop in your car and go see the movie.


Playing the game will get you wanting more from the Incredibles squad, but why? This game is very short in terms of its storyline, with only 6 story missions to play through. What it lacks in story it makes up for in its side quests, however. This, of course, is for the Incredibles 2 portion of the game and there is still an entire section to play from the first movie as well if it fits your fancy.

As this is a LEGO game there is a certain level of gameplay you can expect, and don’t worry all you parents out there, this game is much more child-friendly than some of the content of the movies. LEGO have made a business out of games fit for the family and this game is no different. Expect the funny facial expressions and goofy scene outtakes that are commonplace in all LEGO games. These are some of the funniest in yet in the series. The combat is what you would expect also. Run around breaking everything in sight to get your LEGO pieces and then find those hidden bricks as well. Switch back and forth between all of your favorite characters to move the storyline forward and have a blast while doing it.

The game boasts an open world so that you can explore more than just a loading level as well. You have missions where you need to destroy certain amounts of things or rescue a number of citizens. It has enough to keep you and your family busy for at least a few hours of goodness with just the Incredibles 2 gameplay, attach the first movie and we have a lot of side quests and missions to go through. Just be careful as you drive around the main world though as the controls are not the best in this game.

Overall the game is billed as Legos The Incredibles but the game itself may not hit that title. Coming in at 39.99 on Steam and 59.99 USD for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. It is out now and ready for you to go pick it up for whatever system you are using.
  • Story Missions from Incredibles 1 and 2
  • Lego Family Friendly Gaming
  • Open World Controls Seem Broken
  • Story is too short

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