Let’s Build A Zoo Today

Let’s Build A Zoo, a cute critter management sim from indie developer Springloaded, is out today and open for visitors.

Available right now on PC, Let’s Build A zoo is the latest title from publisher No More Robots and probably the most adorable zoo sim we’ve seen. While management sim fans might be busy building something a bit more prehistoric, they won’t want to miss this new attraction.

Something of a change of pace from the indie publisher’s Yes, Your Grace and Descenders, Let’s Build A Zoo allows players to take the reigns in an animal park, piecing together the infrastructure to keep your human guests happy. You’ll hire the perfect employees to see to customer’s needs, choose from hundreds of buildings, foliage, path, and enclosure decorations just to start. When you start to add animals, that is when this title starts to show its stripes.

Unlike other theme park sims, the main attractions in Let’s Build a Zoo are grown not constructed or bought, and this allows players to splice their way to success. Importing exotic creatures, zookeepers can breed animals and start families to expand the available wildlife and fill those enclosures. With over 300,000 different types of animal, a bit of gene splicing can create monstrosities and oddities along the way! Ever wondered what a ChicKaka would look like? Now you can find out!

Of course, the end goal is to make sure each zoo stays afloat, whether that means being above board or dealing in some elicit under the counter cash grab, that’s up to each zoo’s moral management. Let’s Build a Zoo is available now on PC via Steam and Epic Games store. There’s a 10% launch discount right now, bringing the cost down to £13.94 or local equivalent. Check out the launch trailer for a bit of a glimpse at this zoological adventure or head over to the official website to find out more.

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