Let’s Play: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle with Sam Steele

Sam Steel shows us how to survive the rabid rabbids.
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is here and it is powering its way through to raving reviews not only from critics but from gamers also, for me I personally bought a Nintendo Switch simply because of this game. There’s something about its charm and yet the appearance of depth that just draws you in and I have to say, it doesn’t disappoint.
Over the course of these videos, I’ll be taking you through the battles that you’ll be experiencing in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and sharing my tips, tricks, and suggestion on how to get the most out of your heroes and succeed on the battlefield in order to get those sweet perfect scores.
The biggest tip I can give any new player starting this game utilizes combos; in Kingdom Battle, your turn is split into movement, action, attack much like many other tabletop and turn-based strategy games. One important point to note early-game is that you can carry out a dash attack, an attack where you literally dash through an opponent, as part of your movement phase; pair this as you move into cover to get a second hit on your opponent with your blaster, this can enable you to deal with an opponent in one turn rather than two.
Secondly, use your team jump! Using the team jump can enable you to not only gain a lot of ground pretty quickly, but also enable you to outflank your opponents and get the drop on them from a more advantageous position. To see examples of all of this and hear it all said in my wonderfully Irish dulcet tones, just check out the video!

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