Life by You Prepped for a June Early Access Release

Life by You Prepped for a June Early Access Release

Paradox Interactive has announced that its keenly anticipated game Life By You is preparing for a June 4, 2024 early access launch. Players can dive into the upcoming life sim on PC via either Steam or Epic Games Store. While preorders are not yet open, devs invite players to add the game to their wishlists on either platform.

The game offers players an open world in which to craft their own unique stories as they design and live the lives of the humans they create within it. One interesting twist allows players to switch away from third-person view to directly control their character in a way that developers hope will make them feel more connected to them.

Players will also have access to several tools such as Character Creator, Object Designer, Language Trees, and many others. The game will launch will full mod support to allow the community to adapt new ways for players to customize their experience.

Features include

  • Tell rich stories: This world is your sandbox.   Create your humans, or play anyone within it—swap control at any time with any character you encounter.  You can climb a career ladder, choose to be a misfit, fall in love as often as you change your clothes, or explore your sexuality. Tell stories that are important to you.
  • Explore and discover an open world: Drive, bike, scoot, or walk to get around the world. Along the way, collect seashells, wildflowers, and gems. Strike up real-language conversations with any human in-games.
  • Empower creativity with deep creative tools: Use extensive Creator and Editor Tools to change the gameplay anytime. Tailor build a world to play in or share your creations on the Paradox Mods.
  • Build and fully customize humans and environments: Design a dream home from scratch or renovate existing buildings. Customize your human with a fully featured character creator, including deep personality and character traits.

Check out the Life By You official site for further details.

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