Life is Strange: Before the Storm Chapter 2 Release Date Announced

Square Enix has announced the release date for Life is Strange: Before the Storm Chapter 2. You’ll be happy to hear that you’ll get your hands on it next week. You’d best set some time aside on October 19th to find out what’s next for Chloe and Rachel.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Chapter 2

Devs made the announcement earlier today with this teaser trailer that promises some big time action. It appears to both celebrate her budding relationship with Rachel as well as bring a sense of unease as she gets into some stuff that’s clearly over her head. As with Chapter 1, the soundtrack is fantastic and provides just the right tone.

If you haven’t played Chapter 1, do yourself a favor and check out our review and get started. You’ll have plenty of time to get through it before Chapter 2 is released next week. The best part is that you won’t have to wait as long as I have since I played it through on release day. If devs stick to this schedule the final chapter should be out by Thanksgiving. Let’s hope so!

From our review:

As I played through the game, I found myself profoundly moved by Chloe, by Rachel, by loss and pain and the wondrous beauty of a newfound love. Excellence in writing evokes emotion and memory. Awake has it in spades. Deck Nine has done what most didn’t think they could: It took a beloved series by another developer (DontNod Entertainment) and made it even better. There simply isn’t a better way to honor another game than that.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is available on PlayStation 4 and XBox One as well as on PC via Steam.

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