Lightmatter Gets Ready For A Bright New Year

Lightmatter is an atmospheric new puzzler and when it bursts onto PC next year it will have you cursing those long dark mornings

Getting in early before the decade sunsets on us, Aspyr and Tunnel Vision Games just dropped a trailer for a long running project that is about to dawn on Steam come 15 January. Set in an atmospheric world, players are put right in the middle of an experimental facility where, for some reason, the shadows re out to get you. Always watching for that mone chance to creep up on unsuspecting victims, the shadows cast among the game’s foreboding environment are utterly deadly. As players creep around in the dim light that still permeates an abandoned facility’s corridors and labs, they will explore a sci-fi story about a maniac inventor who crafts an ultimate power source, called Lightmatter.

Adventurers will shine a light on an expansive plot that explores themes of journalistic integrity, scientific ethics, and megalomania. The very distinct visual novel aesthetic lends itself to a series of light bending puzzles that play with light and shadow. Players will need to rely on some lateral thinking to keep the shadows at bay.

Originally started as a university project, Lightmatter eventually made it onto Reddit as a 15 minute prototype. It received overwhelmingly positive feedback after generating thousands of downloads. After grabbing awards before it even came out, the full game is almost upon us. Players will be able t pick up Lightmatter on PC via Steam. The braain teaser will set you back $19.99 or local equivalent and you can try out the first hour for free. If you loved the logical challenge of The Turing Test, Portal, or The Talos Principles then you’re likely to enjoy Lightmatter. If you’re still somewhere in the grey between then check out the trailer or head over to the official Steam page for more information on this puzzler.



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