Lights Going Green On KartRider: Drift Second Beta

Karrtrider Drift, the upcoming free to play kart racing title from Nexon is about to launch a second closed beta test this June.

Due to race onto PC, via the Nexon Launcher and Steam, as well as the Xbox One, this closed beta test is set to give players a glimpse of what’s to come in the Kartrider franchise before Kartrider: Drift goes live later in the year. Players who get into the upcoming closed beta test will experience the thrill of throwing themselves around this online cross-platform multiplayer title, all featuring the same bright aesthetic fans of the ongoing franchise have become accustomed to.

Looking Good For Closed Beta

Alongside the series of bright tracks, silly carts, and zany characters that await testers, a brand new race, called Diz, will arrive for closed beta 2. As well as this, racers can expect to see new skins for existing characters, plus additional karts and tracks. The Closed Beta will also showcase new functions such as Racing Pass and a new Racing School single-player mode, where new and experienced players can improve their racing skills. Kartrider: Drift makes a great deal of its customization options and the second test phase is going to give players the opportunity to try out new wraps. This skinning system provides tools to paint karts and create unique designs for maximum personalization. Other options such as character emotes, customizable licence plates, and a lineup of new accessories will be available in case the new skins aren’t quite fancy enough.

To get into the latest closed beta test you can pop over to the official Kartrider: Drift website and register. Players who get into the game and check out the new options can expect to find Turbo Tortoise Kart, Bunny Buggy Kart, Simian Scrapper Kart, and Deuce Coupe Kart as part of the daily login reward cycle. All Beta participants will also receive a White Cloud Balloon item at the official launch. Just signing up for beta could also net you some loot from HyperX, ViewSonic and DXRacer. So, I’m off to put my name in the hat before the KartRider: Drift second beta begins. What about you?


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