Limited Run Goes Digital With Three Awesome Indie Announcement

Limited Run Goes Digital With Three Awesome Indie Announcement save me mr tako screenshot

Limited Run Games will bring Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition, Hatch Tales, and Deathwish Enforcers to digital libraries in Spring 2024.

The publisher that you might know for boxing up physical copies of amazing indie games is going digital this spring with three new adventures across PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Limited Run Games has announced that Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition, Hatch Tales, and Deathwish Enforcers will arrive between May and June, giving us all an opportunity to try and finish each of these unusual adventures.

  • Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition – PlayStation – 3rd May

Designed by Christophe Galati, set in the classic era of the Nes and Gameboy, this title plunge players into a world of wet warfare, where humanity fights an army of octopuses. In an effort to bring peace to this realm, player must become an eight-legged hero and traverses six unique worlds and 50 levels. Stay alive on land thanks to a magical fairy and wear a bunch of different powered hats to overcome the problems that await.

  • Deathwish Enforcers – PlayStation and Nintendo Switch – 28th May

Deathwish Enforcers-Screenshot

Shoot, punch and sway your way out of a crime ridden city. As part of San Farn’s elite police force, the “Deathwish Enforcers,” it’s up to you to take on this tongue in cheek enforcement action and clean up the streets on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.

  • Hatch Tales – Nintendo Switch – 21st June

hatch tales screenshot

Hatch Tales takes to on Switch on 21 June, with an action-packed adventure set in the mystical land of Talonreach. With an ancient evil awake, players must spread their wings and confront such evil, restoring balance to the peaceful kingdom.

Armed with his trusty Hookshot, Hatch will encounter powerful foes and dangerous hazards, unlocking amazing abilities and experiencing wonders no mere hawk could ever dream of witnessing!

Tp check out all these adventures, check out the official Limited Run Games website

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