Limited Run Launching Classic Doom Helmet This Friday

Limited Run Classic Doom Helmet

If you can still remember the screech of your modem and the feel of a floppy disk between your fingers then Limited Run Games have got a Collector’s Edition for you. The Limited Run Classic DOOM Helmet Collector’s Bundle launches this Friday.

Hitting the Limited Run Store in just a couple of days, this new collector’s bundle pays homage to the classic DOOM Slayer, recreating the look of 1993’s game-changing FPS title. The full size replica, that many of you will remember from the inside out, is limited to a total of 4000 units and hits the Limited Run Store at 10 AM on 25 September.

Old School Cool

While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a DOOM helmet, this one is decidedly more appealing to those of us that have are old enough to have hammered in Doom.exe before descending into hell. The PVC top comes battle-scarred and that isn’t all. Anybody who picks up the piece will grab a DOOM floppy Disc pin. It’s a tiny bit smaller than the real thing but more useful than 1.44 MB of disc now. You’ll also receive a Classic DOOM cover art print. Created by Don Ivan Puchantz, this litho print depicts the iconic box cover that is now part of gamer lore.

While many of us snapped up the DOOM Eternal Collector’s edition and bundled DOOM Slayer helmet, this is the one I want. Droppin in at a cost of $139.99, it’s around half the cost of a new Xbox Series S and since you’re not going to find one of those on sale at RRP right now, why not grab something even cooler and be the DOOM Slayer you always wanted. Check out more about the Limited Run Classic DOOM Helmet Collector’s Edition, as well as all the other awesome Limited Run title, over on the Limited Run Game website now.

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