Line War Heads Straight Onto Steam Next Month

Line War heads Straight Onto Steam Next Month - top down shot of a sea battle

Line War, a modern twist on a traditional RTS adventure is set to take on all comers when it blasts into action during May.

Due to launch on Steam on 5 May, Line War is an endearing new take on old school RTS experiences. After invading Steam Next Fest recently, the game from two-man development team Studio Centurion is set to get its marching orders. Playable on PC and costing around $14.99 or local equivalent, this strategic encounter is something of a throwback-style RTS.

Putting players in charge of an army at a time of war, the top-down attack takes a different approach by allowing commanders to attack with the flick of a finger. By drawing line across the map, you will be able to quickly and intuitively issue commands. Whether its moving units, forming defensive lines, engaging enemies or conquering territory.

The end goal is straight forward, amass new land under your control. Like any great strategy, you’ll need to expand territory, build structures, and amass reserves of the game’s key resources, energy and capital. The end result is a unique combat control system mixed with a traditional RTS come 4X strategy.

While it might look less advanced than some of its rivals, Line War looks like a different type of war game. Check out more on the official Steam store page ahead of the final call to arms.

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