Lineage 2: Revolution x Ni No Kuni Collaboration is Happening Now

lineage 2 revolution x Ni no kuni

A Lineage 2: Revolution x Ni No Kuni event is happening in NCSoft and Netmarble’s mobile MMO right now.

Netmarble has just released an update to Lineage 2: Revolution that is not the most outrageous crossover that this massively mobile online RPG has seen in its time. In an effort to bring new characters to the on the go title, the game will feature characters and costumes form the hugely successful Ni No Kuni RPG franchise as part of the new collaboration. Anybody logging in to do a daily or two will notice a bunch of new characters from Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom and a host of related Ni No Kuni character costumes, agathions, pets, soul crystals, and more.

More Rewards

Costumes and characters are not the only addition to the small screen adventure and Netmarble will run a series of in game events for players to celebrate the crossover. A Red Diamond event will run over the course of the collab, returning up to 100,000 Red Diamonds to player depending on the number of Red Diamonds that a player uses throughout the course of the event. We’re not sure if this is much of an in game event or just a way to incentivize spending. Thankfully there will be other activities that will drop rewards as part of the Ni no Kuni themed Temporal Rift event 10 million Adena, 3,000 Red Diamonds, and three types of daily buffs are also on offer for players starting a new game in the recommended server.

The introduction of Bandai Namco’s hugely successful animated RPG to Lineage 2: Revolution isn’t as much of a surprise as the DC Batman crossover event that landed some time ao and should fit the aesthetic a little better. You can find out more about the Lineage 2: Revolution x Ni No Kuni crossover on the official Lineage 2: Revolutions website and get in on the action on both iOS and Android platforms now.


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