Lineage II Aden Deluxe Pack Giveaway

Lineage II Aden Deluxe Pack Giveaway

Lineage II Aden, the newest version of NCSoft’s iconic MMORPG is out now, and we’ve got some epic drops in our Lineage II Aden Deluxe Pack giveaway

Lineage II Aden might be the latest iteration of Nsoft’s long-standing MMORPG but this particular version is eager to welcome in plenty of new players. We’re ready to help any adventurers get a leg up on their journey into Aden. While NCSoft has tweaked their traditional MMORPG to make it more inviting to first-timers, we’ve got a total of 10 codes that winners can redeem for a Lineage II Aden Deluxe Pack, and contain the following items:

  • XP Rune 30-day(+50% xp) Gain 50% XP/SP while hunting. Last 30 days
  • A Premium Kit, which can be opened at Lv. 60, containing useful items, and additional premium kits, which can be opened at Lv. 65, 70, 74, and 76.
  • A Wizard Hat, which is exclusive to pre-orders
  • Ring of Cadmus Pre-order exclusive: An intricate ring worn by the King of Aden, Amadeo Cadmus. P.Atk. +10/M.Atk. +10, HP +200 <Enchant, Augment not possible>
  • Black Strider Mount Spellbook Pre-order exclusive: Unlock the ability to summon a Black Strider mount.

Importantly, these impressive packs include an XP Rune which will boost XP gain over an entire month and should make getting to max level in Lineage even after the new streamlined changes that his MMO has introduced.

How To Enter

To enter all you need to do is enter your email address in the giveaway box below and submit your entry. We’re going to give everybody until next week to get their entries in. This competition will run until Friday 3 September when winners will be chosen, so get your hat in the ring before then.
There are no social media requirements, no shares, no tag a friend, and no giving away all your personal details. What we want is a way to contact you and for everybody to get a fair shot at winning.



A New World

Launched on 11 August, Lineage II Aden features the same core gameplay of Lineage 2 that fans of the franchise know and love, but with some differences. While anybody questing in Aden will still be able to experience intense PvP and epic castle sieges, they will find classes tuned to make solo play a less punishing experience. Each of the 36 classes that make up the full roster is tuned to be self-sufficient while hunting and a selection of six new solo dungeons provide plenty of content. Outside of these activities, new and returning players will find a simplified combat system and refined levelling experience, ensuring less grind and more end game content.


Redeeming Your Key


Winners will be emailed after the end of this competition. There are no geo restrictions, as long as you have an account for NCSoft West’s Lineage II Aden. You can redeem your prize as follows

  • Create a new NCSOFT Account or login to your existing NCSOFT Account.
  • Download Lineage II. After installing Lineage II, log into a Lineage II Aden server and create your character.
  • Log into your NCSOFT Account, go to the “Apply a Code” section, enter your Lineage II Aden Deluxe Pack code and press “Activate.” You will then need to select your Aden server and the character you wish to receive the Deluxe Pack. Once selected, the pack will be sent to the in-game Dimensional Warehouse.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your code has been applied.
  • Log in to the Lineage II Aden server with the character you selected when you applied the code and navigate to a Dimensional Warehouse NPC in the nearest town to claim your Deluxe Pack.


If you’ve wanted to return to Lineage II and just haven’t had the time or inclination to get over the grind then now’s a great opportunity. Submit your entry above and check out the official Lineage II Aden website to find out how you can experience Lineage II all over again.

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