Lingo Legend to Add Farm Mode and New Languages in Major Updates Coming Soon

Lingo Legend to Add Farm Mode and New Languages in Major Updates Coming Soon

Hyperthought Games has announced that the development team is hard at work on Farm Mode and other big updates coming soon to Lingo Legend. Fans of the language-learning mobile game will be happy to hear that new languages are incoming as well as new game modes to make learning a new language even more fun.

The game progresses as players attain key markers in learning their chosen language. In the upcoming Farm Mode, players work to become successful farmers. They’ll need to build a farm, plant and harvest crops, and fulfill food orders. Naala companions are the way to go. The more language the player and their Naala companions learn together, the more successful the farm will be. “Engaging in language practice sessions with your Naala will boost their happiness meter and keeping all of your Naala happy is key to a thriving farm.” According to the team, practicing with a Naala is similar to answering language challenges in Adventure Mode without smashing monsters along the way.

In addition to Farm Mode, players can engage in Villager Conversations. Each day, they’ll get the chance to converse with one of the quirky farm villagers. The conversation takes place in the chosen language alongside prompts and challenges to guide the process. At launch, this new feature will be available in Spanish, French, Japanese, and Korean.

Lastly, the team has plans to add new language on August 8th. Players will be able to dive into Russian, Dutch, and Canadian French.

Check out the Lingo Legend official site for more details.

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