Liquidation – Fantasy/Sci-Fi RTS Coming to Kickstarter

Developer Divio and publisher Grindstone have revealed that tactical fantasy/sci-fi RTS Liquidation is making its way to Kickstarter on June 10th. The game allows players to take the role of a deity to bring back balance to the devastated and war-torn world of Veá.

The start of the Kickstarter campaign will be accompanied by the release of a free demo version of the game.

Build your army carefully: every unit is designed to complement another’s weaknesses. Additionally, the position of your troops matters in the grand scheme of things. You can gain the upper hand by fighting from cover or a higher position. Use terrain to your advantage!

Liquidation will feature a single-player campaign in addition to co-op mode and online matches.

Liquidation Key Features:

  • Play the campaign from various perspectives which also lead to different story outcomes.
  • Create and customize your own Deity and decide the fate of the world.
  • Hire powerful mercenaries which also have their own background story.
  • Choose from an arsenal of commanders and deploy these heroic units on the battlefield as they influence your armies and troops.

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