Listen To The Desert With The Last Oasis Soundtrack

last oasis soundtrack

Get ready to listen to the sounds of the underground sandworms as Last Oasis releases the game soundtrack for fans of the survival sim.

Carried out onto the desert winds, the haunting vocal cries of the last surviving nomads that make up humanity are an integral part of Last Oasis. Now you don’t need to be in front of your walker to listen to the acapella melodies of Last Oasis. Developer Donkey Crew just dropped the game’s soundtrack on steam. The 18 track collection is composed by Donkey Crew’s Composer and Lead Sound Designer, Michał Korniewicz, and is a mix of medieval lutes, simple wind instruments. It takes some definite inspiration from the byzantine soundscape to craft a scene-stealing release that throws players back into the seat of their walker.

In addition to the musical release, Michał Korniewicz also dropped a new devlog giving fans a glimpse into the sound design in Last Oasis. Available now, over on the official youtube channel, the developer update takes players through more about the original soundtrack as well as crafting the other elements that make woodpunk look and sound as real as they can be.

Discount Day

To celebrate the release of the soundtrack, Last Oasis is on sale right now. The woodpunk survival sandbox has a 17% discount right now, taking it under £20 or local equivalent. This offer runs up until 17 May for anybody who wants to check out the soundtrack out on the desert dunes. To learn more, pick up the Last Oasis soundtrack, or grab last Oasis at a discount, head over to the official Steam Store page or why not check out our recent interview with Donkey Crew to find out more about the game and what’s coming for players in the future.


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