Little Dragons Café Is Coming to Steam On November 15

Little Dragons Café

Little Dragons Café is coming to PC via Steam on November 15. This adventure game by Aksys Games and Toybox Games was released for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in June, and now it is time for the PC owners to watch out for their little Café!

Ren and Rin, twin brother and sister, were left to tend for themselves and a little family café when their mother fell into sleep she couldn’t be raised from. From a mysterious old man the siblings learn that they must raise a dragon to be able to help their mother and their adventure starts.

In Little Dragons Café, players can choose to play as either sibling Ren or Rin. The story-driven gameplay features a balance of three elements:

  • Manage your café – Run your own café by preparing tasty dishes, serving your customers, and managing a colorful cast of eccentric staff and visitors.
  • Explore the world – Discover an entirely new world filled with wildlife, secrets, and dangers while collecting ingredients and recipes to enhance your café menu.
  • Raise a Dragon – Care for and train your very own dragon as he grows from baby to adult. Explore, hunt, and uncover new areas with your faithful companion.
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