Little Nightmares II Has A Demo You Can Play Right Now

little nightmares II Demo

Little Nightmares II, the follow up to the disturbingly cute Little Nightmares, which we loved scaring ourselves with, just unlocked a free demo on PC. Console gamers also look set to join the fun next year.

Announced over on social media, Little Nightmares II now has a free demo. The upcoming horror adventure might be set to return to the maw next year but fans of a certain yellow hooded explorer can dip into a brand new demo right now. You’ll need a PC to experience the terror of the latest Little Nightmares game, as the demo is only available over on Steam right now. Console gamers, including PS4. XB1, and Switch in early 2021.

Described as a suspense adventure game, Little Nightmares II doesn’t exactly follow directly in the footsteps of its predecessor. While the first of the series put players in control of Six, this time around you’ll play as Mono, a young boy trapped in a world that has been distorted by an evil transmission. With the aid of Six, you must discover the dark secrets of The Signal Tower and escape the disturbing traps that line this journey. The same sort of twisted aesthetic, oversized bulbous contortions, and creepy dark corners still await but with a new narrative and a dark new musical accompaniment, from Tobias Lilja of Tarsier Studios.

Little Nightmares II is set to land on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch on 11 February 2021, with owners of the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5 consoles getting a next gen upgrade later in 2021. We don’t have an exact date on when the current demo will unlock across consoles but players on PC can jump into what we assume will be a couple of levels of unsettling adventure for new players and old. You can check out more about Litle Nightmares II over on the official Bandai Namco website now.

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