Little Nightmares Soundtrack Spooks up Spotify

The music of great games is now, more than ever, integral to a great gaming experience. As publishers continue to realize the importance of this content, audiences are able to access theses modern classics beyond the realm of fantasy. Now Bandai Namco is adding to this collection with the release of the Little Nightmares soundtrack.

The first of a series of audio launches, the Little Nightmares soundtrack is taken straight from Bandai Namco’s eerie indie hit. Dreamed up by Tobias Lilja, this spooky set 24 tracks covers a range of themes, from more ambient scene setting to some of the game’s terrifying chase scenes. For those who have not braved the horrors, Little Nightmares is a whimsical puzzle platformer developed by Tarsier Studios. It drags players through a childhood nightmare, as they help the protagonist, Six, to navigate the corrupt and mysterious vessel, known as the Maw. It launched in 2017 and is now available across PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

This is not the only soundtrack to come to our generic fruit based streaming devices. The Dark Souls, Tekken, Soul Caliber, and Tales Of collections will follow suit in the future, featuring many of the tracks that fans of these games love. All of these, Little Nightmares included, will be available across major distributors, including Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Music Unlimited, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play, and Tidal. If you want to relive the tension of the Maw, you can plug int the Little Nightmares Soundtrack right now.

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