Little With Academia VR: Broom Racing Takes To The Skies This Year

Little Witch Academia is about to take VR to the skies as the Studio Trigger anime announces Little With Academia VR: Broom Racing.

Hogwarts alumni and anime fans rejoice, it#s time to take to the skies as Little Witch Academia announces a brand new game based on the hit anime franchise. After launching RPG games based on the Japanese series, this time Akko and her friends are taking a distinctly different approach to their latest adventure. This new VR racing game is brought to the Oculus Quest in late 2020 then hits PSVR, Oculus Rift and Steam VR following on from that.

Fly Away

Players popping on a VR headset will jin Akko and her classmates as a new arrival at the famous Luna Nova Academy for witches. The game will teach players to soar into the sky with the help and encouragement of fan=favorite characters from the anime series and set out on a new journey, spread across 10 tracks. Little With Academia VR: Broom Racing traverses a range of familiar places around Luna Nove as players pair up with fellow students to be the first across the finish line or purify ghosts in single-player mode.

Originally started as a Kickstarter and Campfire crowdfund, this title is now directed by Junichi Yamamoto, whose past positions include opening and ending movie director on The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and storyboard artist of Batman Ninja. It seems reasonable to assume that the upcoming VR title will riff on the already established broom races that fans of the on-screen adventures have already seen. If you haven’t heard of Little Witch Academia before today then it is still available on major streaming platforms. The original anime is a feel-good tale of a wannabe with who attends a famous magic school. Unlike the infamous HP she has little ability but overcomes this with persistence and the help of her friends. It’s the sort of upbeat entertainment that is still too uncommon these days.

Whether you’re a fan or just want to take to the skies, check out the official Little Witch Acadeia VR: Broom Racing web page for more information on this upcoming title.


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