Lock Up Your Toaster This Transformers Unicron Toy is HUGE!

unicron transformers

Unicron is coming and it might be worth locking up your small appliances because this Transformer is gigantic. Hasbro has just unveiled a 2 foot tall Unicron figure.

If you’re not familiar with Unicron then you’ll need to wind all the way back to the 1986 animation, Transformers: The Movie. This big-screen animation saw the Transformers thurst into an intergalactic tussle for the fate of the Earth and marked the appearance of the iconic Unicron. A hug planet-devouring Transformer, Unicron is like Galactus with gears.

A Huge Moment for Toys

While Unicron might have a hunger that is almost as voracious as some AAA publishers, we’ve never seen anything quite like this before. Developed by Haslab, toy maker Hasbro’s dream toy arm, this Unicron is about to go on to launch a Kickstarter. This monster comes with 50 points of articulation, including moveable eyes, fingers, and mouth. Swap into planet mode and Unicron even has a moving set of jaws. While the size and detail of this huge creation are impressive you don’t need to worry. It’s not real, yet!

Unicron’s crowdfunding campaign has just kicked off and will be like for slightly more than a month. It will need a total of 8000 backers to commit and will devour as much as $574.99 per piece. The crowdfunding page has a ton more detail on the proposed product, including the design and build process. While nearly $600 seems like a lot of money, for a custom collectible of this size, it’s pretty reasonable pound for pound. If you do pledge to our this ravenous planet killer let us know and for goodness sake keep your Optimus Prime figure well away from it. This is possibly the coolest Transformers tie in we’ve seen since Platinum’s Transformers: Devastation and you can check out the full details over on the official site now.


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