London Detective Mysteria Sherlocks Like A Good Date!

Knees up Gov’nor London Detective Mysteria is bringing sexy detection to the PC as XSEED Games brings this very different visual novel to a new audience on 31 July.

Originally unleashed as a Japanese PS Vita game,  Eikoku Tantei Mysteria: The Crown, is due to hit the cobbled streets of the old town as London Detective Mysteria. This visual novel draws players away from the frivolity and distractions of high society as the protagonist delves into the darker corners of the olde world. As Lady Whiteley, players peer in behind the curtains of a stylized Victorian Era London. They will interact with famous faces from the time and tackle a range of plot points. Characters such as  Detective Holmes, Jack the Ripper, and more feature in this mystery while every choice can influence Lady Whiteley’s detective rank.

As a visual novel, any decision can influence a player’s relationships with other characters. London Detective Mysteria might find the Lady Whiteley, joining forces with dashing detectives or debonair characters of questionable background. As you progress throughout several potential outcomes to this title, the game promises to let players track their in-game relationship as Lady Whiteley draws closer to love or something more unpleasant.

Yes, London Detective Mysteria is a visual novel and a completely cheesy one at that. It is also bloody gorgeous. The trailer for this game shows off some superb still and wonderful animation. The over the top ideas about old London town are camp enough to make this visual novel a guilty pleasure. It will hit  Steam,, and The Humble Store for  $29.99, €29.99, and £24.99. You can find out more about London Detective Mysteria on the game’s official website now

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