Long Keith The Hotdog Thief Explores the Sausageverse Today

Long Keith The Hotdog Thief is about to get on a diet but not how you’d expect. Snaffle sausages and shrink your sausage dog in brand new game jam gone wrong.

Sometimes something utterly special comes out of a game jam. Indie marvels, quirky stories, and friendship. Nobody thought we’d get this. Back in February 2019 one developer sat down on Twitch and set out to make a game in an hour. With the aid of the Twitch community, an hour of frantic code turned into an idea. Now, after a few more hours, 7 months of them, later things have expanded somewhat.

Today finds Long Keith The Hotdog Thief off the leash and out on Android devices. This twist on the classic Snake game turf players into the  Sausageverse where they must steal and swallow porkers to calm down Keith and reduce his size. Over 50 levels of increasing difficulty and across 5 different worlds, Keith must find a way to shrink down to nothing by gobbling porkers. As you tap and swipe across the game, players will find a range of spicy new mechanics in every world, making Keith easy to play but particularly hard to master. As you make your way in the world you will unlock a string of achievements, lots of cool doggy décor, and a range of stars for every good doggo. Did we mention that Keith can also poop rainbows?

What sounds like an unusual inversion on the elongating snake of yesteryear actually looks like a ton of fun for mobile gamers and we shouldn’t be surprised. Oliver Hindle of Bossa Studios fame makes up half of developer Pack It Up Boys, the team behind Keith’s sausage obsession. After the incredible success of Pigeon Simulator, we can’t really say this makes any less sense. If Bossa Studios want to send us some of whatever is in the tea we’ll take it! Until then you can find this quirky new mobile title on the Google Play Store and wonder if it’ll match some of the best mobile titles this year. More details about Long Keith The Hotdog Thief and his adventures in the Sausageverse are available on the game’s official website. Teka a look, it’ll be woof your time.


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