Look Inside This Ys Origin Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Ys Origin might have landed on the Nintendo Switch but we got an early look inside the Ys Origin Collector’s Edition this week as we unboxed this special set.

If Ys Origin holds a special place in your memory, or you simply want something more than the digital download of this classic dungeon crawler come RPG, then the lovely people at Strictly Limited Games have something you might be interested. The Ys Origin Collector’s Edition is a lovely looking edition of the tale of two deities, boxed up and presented in a way that fans of the Y series will likely appreciate. Before the ys origin Collector’s Edition sells out, we dropped a preview of the Ys Collector’s Edition for Nintendo Switch. You can check it out above.


If you are not familiar with the Ys Series, then this classic ARPG from the teams at Falcom and Dotemu might not hold much sway in your wishlist but it’s worth a look. The story follows a trio of characters as they set out to save a pair of deities that have somehow absconded form their posts and gotten lost in a tower full of evil. For a game that originally dropped on Windows XP, this old school adventure holds up surprisingly well and provides plenty of hack and slash action as the three characters allow games to follow their individual adventures up this monstrous tower.

If the unboxing opens your wallet then you can still grab a pre order copy of the Ys Origin Collector’s Edition over at the Strictly Limited Games Store. This new physical version of the game comes in at just 3000 numbers copies worldwide and also comes available for the Playstation 4. PS4 owners might have to get in quick because there are only 1500 copies on offer for the Sony Console. Check out everything packed into the box in the video above and get ready to check out our full review of Ys origin when it lands here at Gamespace.

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