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Mobile games have come a long way since their first introduction to mobile devices. They now offer 3D graphics and online multiplayer capabilities that make them more immersive than ever before. The mobile game industry is constantly evolving, which means you can’t find the same games on mobile devices as you could a few years ago. This article will introduce some of the best mobile games for any gamer’s taste!

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is a mobile game where players make words with their letters on a grid. The player who has the most points after each round wins that round and earns more tiles for use in later rounds.

The goal of Words With Friends is to create an entire word from your set of letter cards before your opponent does. You’ll select one card, then find another that connects it either vertically or horizontally (or diagonally) to form a valid word. Once you’ve played all five of your cards, the highest scoring word will win the hand and you’ll get back any other discarded letters so you can play again next time!

Points are awarded based on how many bonus squares are used in forming words: two-letter words score 30 points; three-letter words score 40 points; four-letter words score 50 points and so on. If you can’t come up with some strong words you can always try unscramble me for a bit of help. This software will help you make some complicated words that will impress your friends!

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is a mobile racing game that’s been available on iOS and Android devices for over two years. It has recently come to Windows phones, and it’s one of the best mobile games out there. In Angry Birds Go!, you race your cart against other opponents to collect coins, power-ups, or eggs—whatever they may be called depending on what level you’re playing at the time.

The levels are all very different from each other; some take place underwater with high waves crashing into shorelines and others have players weaving through mountains as they try to avoid tumbling boulders coming down their paths. As an added bonus, there are boss battles mixed throughout various levels which will keep players challenged until the very end.

Candy Crush Saga

Another extremely popular game is Candy Crush Saga. This game is a mobile puzzle game where your goal is to match the same colored candies. You can play with friends on Facebook and other social media sites or you can try out this mobile version of the game that has no ads!

You earn points by connecting the same color candy and you try to beat the levels in this mobile game. With every new level, your goal is to make a string of three candies that will disappear and unleash more points for you! This mobile puzzle game has over six hundred million downloads so it’s one of the most popular mobile games on iTunes!

This mobile game has a very fun theme and the simple gameplay is great for beginner players. The mobile version of this game does not have in-app purchases so you do not need to worry about spending your money on extra items that are unnecessary. This mobile game was rated as one of the top mobile games by TechRadar because it provides an amazing experience with no creep factor!

Flappy Bird

Another popular mobile time-killer is Flappy Bird. In this mobile video game, your objective is to make sure that your bird flies between pipes while avoiding obstacles such as green pipes, spiders, and more. The player controls the direction in which the bird moves by tapping the screen repeatedly. It sounds too easy until all those obstacles start appearing! The mobile game was created by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen. The game is free, but the player has the choice to purchase an ad-free version of Flappy Bird for a low cost.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was the mobile game of 2016. The app, released for iOS and Android devices, has players explore the world around them to “catch” Pokemon characters in real-life locations. The goal of the game is to catch as many Pokemon characters and collect items from Pokestops. In-game purchases allow players to buy Pokeballs, eggs for hatching new Pokemon, or incense that attracts nearby creatures to the game player’s location.

Pokemon Go has taken mobile games by storm with its innovative augmented reality gameplay in pursuit of wandering monsters on a map like never before. The mobile game is free but features in-app purchases so it can be played without limits for an enhanced experience.

The game’s popularity rocketed when it became clear that people could use their phones to hunt Pokémon while they were out exploring on foot or bike.

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Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an award-winning mobile game and has been downloaded over 100 million times. In this game you have to build your village into a fortress the enemy cannot break through. You are going to need resources like gold, elixir, and dark elixir for it though! To get these resources you can take part in raids or trade with other players using gems that are purchased with real money.

You also upgrade troops by spending clan gems on them during training sessions so they become more powerful warriors that protect your precious town from invaders seeking revenge. Clash of Clans offers two different modes: a single-player mode where you go at it solo against computer-generated opponents, and multiplayer mode where both human players team up together in order to conquer the clan of their opponents.

It’s clear that there is a whole new world of mobile games to explore. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose which one will provide the most entertainment and enjoyment for you. To help point you in the right direction, we’ve created this list of popular game titles currently trending on both iOS and Android devices. Take some time now and download these apps (if they’re not already installed) so your next free moment isn’t spent endlessly scrolling through Google Play or iTunes looking for something good!

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