Looks Like Genshin Impact Is Getting Fishing

Genshin Impact Is Getting Fishing

It looks like Genshins Imapct’s incoming 2.1 update will add a bunch of new content that includes fishing.

After spending a weekend trying to fish in Amazon’s upcoming New World MMO It seems that miHoYo are out to add this mainstay of modern AFK adventure into their own online RPG. Reports from the repeatedly accurate twitter handle Genshin Report, have leaked the news that the 2.1 version of Genshin Impact will get more than just a fishing mechanic. The news supposes that a new landmass, called Watatsumi Island and a new Hydro Hypostasis will enter the game.

If true, the introduction of a fishing mechanic looks set to be a huge deal for those of us that want something a little more relaxed than taking down slimes in Mondstat. For those willing to follow down this leaky rabbit hole, we also found a map of this new area by following Genshin Repot’s own source.

These leaks follow on from yet another set of unreleased information hitting Twitter. Just a few days ago, the same Twitter team published renders of officially unannounced characters Baal, Kokomi, and Sara. As yet we don’t have confirmation that any of these are real from mihoYo or a specific date for any of this hitting Genshin Impact. Anyhow, I’m more concerned with making sure any alt accounts are caught up past Adventure Rank 20 so I can grab Aloy for free when Genshin Impact runs its Horizon Zero Dawn crossover later this year.

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