Loot Crates Leaving Rocket League?

rocket league loot crates

Loot Crates are taking the off-ramp and leaving Rocket League. In a blog post, developer Psyonix has confirmed that they are going to be shifting gears on the way that they handle randomized encounters on their cash shop.

Shifting Gears

Until now it has been an unfortunate aspect of the gaming industry that the loot box works. It makes money and even simply great games like Rocket League have felt the need to cash in to keep up with other games. Now, developer Psyonix and publisher Epic are building on some recent changes to the way Fortnite handles loot crates to remove some of the more blind turns into the cash shop in Rocket League.

Initially launched back in 2015 and parking up on the Epic store after their acquisition by the publisher, Rocket league is a left-field sports game where cars crash across a huge sports field, pummelling a massive inflatable football (soccer for the new world) into an opponents goal. This blend of sports sim, vehicular competition, crazy physics, and competitive online gameplay made it a massive hit on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Now the dreaded loot box is being replaced by a system that allows players to get a glimpse of what they are likely to get before they open their surprise. The system that came into play in Fortnite recently allows players to see the contents of the new X-Ray Llama before they purchase it. If the item does not suit then players can simply wait until another day and check again before buying. This system also removed a potential element of premium item duplication, an obvious area of frustration for paying players of the shooter.

The blog post on the Rocket League website announced this change with only a little detail. While we know that Rocket League Loot Crates are leaving, we do not know the exact details of the new system. We don’t yet know if the new system will commit players to pre-purchasing boxes and showing them the content before opening or simply showing the content pre-purchase. We do not know whether Rocket League will have item duplication or if it will tweak the drops in favor of direct purchase. Until we know more, we do know Rocket Pass Premium, DLC Cars, and Esports Shop items will still be available. You can check out the blog post over on the official Rocket League website now.

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