Lootboxes, PC Exclusives, And An Epic BAFTA Award

Bafta Epic

In a move that might confuse many video game consumers, developer Epic is about to get a pat on the back from somebody soon. In a recent announcement, BAFTA announced that it will present developer Epic Games with a BAFTA Special Award at this year’s E3 conference.

The British Academy Film and Television Awards is generally known as a film and Television industry body, probably most notable to many of you for that time Stephen Fry said that thing on TV. The body also contains a games committee who will present this accolade to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney on June 12 at an event in the London West Hollywood hotel. Tim Sweeney reacted tot he announcement with the statement below

“All of us at Epic Games are honored that BAFTA has awarded Unreal Engine for excellence in technology, and we share this recognition with our partners and the creative community.”

The award was announced in a blog post. It appears to be centered around Epic’s early work, ongoing development of the Unreal engine, and some of its more successful titles. Since its foundation in 1991, Epic has developed some groundbreaking titles. The Unreal shooter franchise still holds a place in many of our hearts and the Crysis series of games still reduces many modern PCs to smoldering wrecks. The Unreal engine also has also undoubtedly changed the face of gaming as we know it and yet, I can’t help but feel the timing of this award is a little odd.

While Epic has some massive achievements in Unreal and Fortnite, E3 is one of the least consumer friendly game shows and Epic are currently embroiled by stories about loot box lawsuits, PC exclusives, and Gearbox. It is definitely an odd decision. If you are in the area you’ll need to email your BAFTA contacts for an invite, or just keep an eye on Gamespace to see who makes the biggest PR mistake at this year’s E3 instead.

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