Lord of the Rings Actor Billy Boyd Joins The Elder Scrolls Online

Lord of the Rings Actor Billy Boyd Joins The Elder Scrolls Online

That’s right folks, Pippin, our favorite nit-witted hobbit is joining the Elder Scrolls Universe. This time he will be playing a Wood Elf in the High Isle update.

Boyd is well known for his role in Peter Jackson’s movie version of the Lord of the Rings, and he is one of my favorite characters in the whole series. He has been cast as Braghas, a character who will introduce players to the Elder Scroll Online’s card game, titled “Tales of Tribute”.

He joins the heavy hitting ranks of voice actors including Lynda Carter, Wes Johnson, and Michael Mack. These are the characters who bring these new worlds to life. Billy breathes life into this new card playing gambler and in the brief trailer below, he takes his Scottish accent and throws it all the way in on this character. He sounds amazing as he records the voice lines for Braghas.

Being an Elf seems to be a good fit for the former Hobbit as he begins his voice acting stint as Braghas. He is a light-hearted free-spirit who lives his life through the cards.

The new expansion will focus on the magically-inclined humans which resembles a medieval time in Europe. It focuses specifically on the Bretons and their homeland of Daggerfall. This current patch with focus on an unexplored area west of the mainland of Tamriel.

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