Lost Ark Is Coming West in 2021

Lost Ark is coming west in 2021, bringing this massive hit MMORPG to a whole new wave of PC gamers.

If you have a hint of recognition when reading the name Lost Ark, then don’t be surprised. Smilegate’s hit MMORPG first launched on Korean shores during 2018, but after dropping a teaser trailer during this year’s Sumer game fest stream, Amazon Game Studios is about to give Western audiences the chance to load into this action-packed fantasy MMO. Due to launch onto PC later this year, the Lost Ark experience will move from Korea, Japan, and Russian territories over to EU and American locales.

The Scenario

For those who haven’t heard of lost Ark, this free to play MMORPG finds players exploring the land of Arkesia. After a demonic threat crushes everything it encoutners, the last hope of this realm lies in a fabled Lost Ark. As adventurers set out to recover the shards of this powerful relic, they can pick from 14 distinct classes. The powerful Warrior, the damage-dealing Gunner, the brutal Martial Artist, the powerful Mage and the ruthless Assassin can all be further specialized to unlock a further 9 subclasses. Each of these provides a different way of playing and their own advantages as the demon hordes loom large on the horizon.

As this quest unfolds, so does the combat. Lost Ark features the Tripod System which offers a deep and customizable combat system. First, players will take a base skill and level it up by selecting upgrades, which in turn changes the appearance and function of the skill, to give even more flexibility to each character.

With a variety of solo and team-based dungeons on offer, player housing, competitive PvP, and Open World territories to conquer, it seems like Lost Ark’s years of development should make for a great time. Amazon Games Studio are out to ensure this is a smooth move, and while still busy on another big MMO project, they’ve managed to collaborate with Smilegate RPG to help localize Lost Ark for its newest audience.

“We’ve been working closely with Amazon Games on Lost Ark, and continuing to grow our player base in the West,” said Chi Won Gil, CEO, Smilegate RPG. “Amazon Games is perfectly positioned to introduce Lost Ark to a new pool of players and grow that relationship with them through Amazon channels like Twitch and Prime Gaming.”

Beta Sign Up

Before you go press replay on the trailer, beta sign ups are already active over on the official Lost Ark website, so you can be ahead of the game for summer test phases and the eventual Fall 2021 release.

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