Lost Game Data a Thing During Nintendo Switch Repair

Lost Game Data

Lost game data is indeed a thing if you send out your Nintendo Switch for repair. Just ask the guy who lost 55 hours of Legend of Zelda after sending in his broken unit.


A few days after sending in the Switch unit which had developed issues, the fixed console was returned. Nintendo explained that fixing it had made “some of the information on this system unreadable” — as in all of it. Zelda wasn’t the only victim either as saved data was lost for other games too. This, of course, required him to re-download all the games too.

Nintendo is in the odd position of being the only console maker that doesn’t make allowance for saved data. This even flies in the face of its own past when data was stored on the cartridge. With no way to back up saved data, hardware failures can be catastrophic.

It’s certainly odd, isn’t it? We’d tell you to go back up all your Switch game data but…well…yeah.

Head over to Games Radar to read the full account of the repair horror story.

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