Lost Ember Has A Release Date and Switch Edition

Lost Ember

Years ago I spotted an utterly gorgeous adventure squirreled away in among the sprawling catacombs of EGX Rezzed. After some serious patience and eager anticipation, Lost Ember is finally coming out on 19 July

Kickstarted back in 2016, to the tune of over €300,000, Lost Ember is a silent narrative that emphasizes exploration through nature. Putting players in the paws of an animal spirit, Lost Ember encourages players to sniff around and explore a seemingly abandoned world where a cataclysm of some sort has occurred. While the game’s title character is a lone wolf with no memory, players who have picked up the demo of this upcoming title have found themselves exploring a verdant world as birds, canines, and even aquatic animals. Each form brings its own attributes and abilities. Small and furry can easily navigate tight spaces while the titular wolf can follow scents.

It’s been some time since I got my hands on the demo of Lost Ember or spoke to the team at Mooneye Studios, the developer of Lost Ember. Last year’s Gamescom saw it swamped by fans and picking up awards from several sites. In the end, the game’s backers have endured at least two significant delays during its development and Producer Sinkka Compart expressed gratitude for the patience during this reveal.
the team, and the community, who have been waiting so patiently for years.

“We have the loveliest, most patient and kind community I could have dreamt up. I can still hardly believe they’re for real.”

Lost Ember is due to arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One thanks to the flexibility of the Unreal 4 engine. In an extra bonus for those of us with Nintendo’s mobile machine, Mooneye also confirmed that Lost Ember will come to the Nintendo Switch, although a little after the initial release. If you loved games like RiME, Gorogoa, and Hob then you are going to adore Lost Ember. To find out more details check out the official website or check out the trailer below.

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