Lost Soul Aside – Check Out 18 Minutes of Gameplay

The developers from Ultizero Games have shared the 18-minutes long recording of gameplay process for the upcoming action RPG Lost Soul Aside coming to PS4 in the future.

Originally, Lost Soul Aside was being created by a single developer Bing Yang, however, the project caught Sony’s eye and has been chosen as China Hero Project, allowing Bing Yang to create Ultizero Games to work on the title.

About Lost Soul Aside:

The war ended ten years ago, the unknown monsters appeared, Kazer accidentally got combined with an ancient race Arena. Then they got on the journey to seek out the mysterious crystals with their own purposes.

“This is not for saving the world, just for saving myself”

Players can look forward to exploring a fantasy open world, smooth but challenging combat and stylish & graceful visual performance.

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