Lost Sphear is the kind of classic JRPG tribute we should all love

Lost Sphear

The Tokyo RPG Factory is back at it and they’re ready to work their homage magic once again. The last time around they took a crack at the classic Chrono Trigger with their brilliant tribute, I am Setsuna. This time around they look to blending even more classic JRPG styles together with their upcoming title, Lost Sphear.

You’ll take on the role of Kanata, a young boy who lives in a world made out of memories that have been transformed into a tangible reality. For some mysterious reason, the world around you has started to disappear and is leaving a sort of a blank, white nothing in its wake. It seems that the fate of the world now rests in the hands of Kanata and his rag-tag crew of friends to figure out what’s going on and put the world back together.

Visually, Lost Sphear is definitely putting off a classic, retro vibe with modern design values. Stylistically the open world reminds me of Final Fantasy while the towns and battlefields put off more of a Secret of Mana vibe.

Lost Sphear

Fights will draw their influence from the classic active time battle system and add field position aspects into the mix. Basically meaning brawlers are going to get up close and personal and will have to stay close to enemy combatants in order to keep dealing damage, but mid or long range fighters can stay in outskirts to assist. You’ll also get mechs called, “Vulcosuits” that can enhance your combat skills as well as help you out in the field.

Right now there’s still a few more months of development before Lost Sphear hits store shelves for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam in January. But it’s an intriguing concept to anyone looking for a classic style RPG with modern aesthetics that offers something new as opposed to a revamping of say a classic JRPG, you’ll want to keep your eyes on Lost Sphear.

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