Lost Wing Blasts Onto On PC & Console This Month

Set set to launch into Lost Wing today as this new high octane adventure combines twin stick action with pounding Edm tracks on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Looking like a mash up of Audiosurf and Wipeout, without the rhythm component, Lost wing has just blasted onto PC and console platforms and while this appears to be a seemingly simple approach to video games, it looks stylish as hell. Bathed in a neon glow and sporting some high tech sci-fi spaceships, Lost Wing plunges players into a series of brutal courses, all set to test your skills. Featuring a range of challenges, ships, enemies, and traps, Lost Wing fuses together shooting and flying at a ridiculously high speed. If you’ve ever been the type of racer to shoot rather than fly then this will let you wipeout everything standing in your way.

As players pick up and loading into Lost Wing they will race through a huge variety of tracks, dodging and shooting until you reach the end goal and destroy the big boss for a massive points bonus. Three unique worlds away for you to speed through, all accompanied by an original electronic soundtrack. With a variety of play modes, cool looking ships and different weapons, Lost Wing is something of a twin stick evolution.

“With Lost Wing we wanted to mix the speed of the Wipeout series with shooting gameplay inspired on Tempest and the tension-aggression feeling of games like Thumper. In the end Lost Wing is better than the sum of it parts, a shot of pure unadulterated adrenaline”, said Tim Ash, Director of BoxFrog Games.

Developed and published by 2Awesome, Lost Wing might have taken a little while longer than expected to reach escape velocity but it certainly makes an impression. The original release was supposed to be in 2019 but the team took some extra time to tweak things. Now, Playstation 4 will be the first to receive this speedster shooter on the 28th of July. Xbox One will be the second, 29th of July, and finally, Steam and Nintendo Switch will receive it on the 31st of July. For now, Check out the trailer and head over to the official website to strap in

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