Lost Words: Beyond The Page Pens New Gameplay Trailer

Modus Games has just inked a gorgeous new trailer for their upcoming tale Lost Words: Beyond The Page.

Developed by Cochester’s Sketchbook Games, this touching tale of adventure and personal growth gave us a look at what’s to come when it arrived at the recent New York Game Awards. Now, players can gaze across the fantasy world of Estoria, home to Izzy, the game’s central protagonist. As this young girl narrates all two minutes of this teaser, a 2D world unfolds full platforming adventure, wonderful animation, and mammoth challenges.

A New Story

Players joining Izzy on her travels won’t need to learn how to min max their way out of combat. Instead, Izzy uses words and her journal to move through a world that spans reality and fantastical imagination. Lost Words is a uniquely difficult game to explain and the new gameplay trailer should help pull eager players into this interesting looking title. Whether out in the open desert or a silent forest, it is far from just a pretty picture book. Rihanna Pratchett, well known for titles such as Mirror’s Edge, Tomb Raider, and Rise of the Tomb Raider, takes narrative command of Lost Words and weaves a tale that promises to be just as evocative as the watercolor world of Estoria.

Lost Words: Beyond The Page has already managed to rack up a clutch of awards on the convention circuit and certainly has my attention. If you love games like Gris then this is likely worth a look. Lost Words: Beyond The Page is due to arrive on PC sometime in 2020. We don’t have a full rundown of all the pricing yet but we do know you wishlist it over on the lost Words Steam store page or check out the official website for more detail on this narrative now.


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