Lots of New Year Goodness Comes to Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

It’s a new year and nothing says “happy” like diving back into Red Dead Online. This week, Rockstar is making it worth everyone’s while by providing players with a number of bonuses and reasons to get back to hunting, riding, shooting action.

Players can wipe their digital character’s slate clean thanks to a Free Honor Reset bonus. Showing that it’s a completely new start, RDO players can also take half off of the cost for changing the character’s appearance before heading off to the Barber for a free haircut through January 11th. Once the makeover is complete, players can head to any saloon to show off their new looks and receive free drinks all week.

Naturalists and Collectors will each have some new pursuits this week. Take Naturalist Samples to Harriet to get an extra 50% RDO$ while Madam Nazar is handing out 30% bonus RDO$ for Collector Set Sales.

Those looking for more bloodthirsty activities can help out the Widow LeClerk who will send players out to deal frontier justice in order to earn a whopping Triple XP bonus. Players can also rack up Triple XP in all Free Roam Missions through January 11th.

There are a number of sales on just about anything a cowpoke might need whether it’s a new weapon, ammo, food, liquor, horse supplies, or garment sets. And don’t forget Prime Gaming bonuses.

Check out the Red Dead Online official site to learn more about the details.

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