Love Isn’t Just For Halloween With Lovecraftian Dating Simulator “Sucker for Love: First Date”

Get your tendrils ready for a gruesome end to the year as DreadXP announces a new Lovecraftian Dating Simulator titled Sucker for Love: First Date.

Announced over the spooky season this weekend, Sucker for Love: First Date. Is a very different type of dating sim, tasking you something of a difficult first date. No, it’s not more cats. Instead, players picking up this offer will need to win the affection of the girl of your literal dreams by invoking rituals inspired by the Cthulhu mythos. Developed by indie outfit Akabak. This eldritch themed visual novel will be ready for our souls in December 2021 when it breaches our reality and heads straight for your PC.

Inspired by a shorter Sucker for Love concept featured in Dread X Collection 2, this fully fledged adventure includes a whole host of potential relationship goals. There’s Ln’eta, a cute Cthulhu-like entity that is an affectionate sweetheart with a jealous streak; Estir, the elegant self-proclaimed royalty loves the color yellow and the finer things in life; and last but not least, there’s Nyanlathotep, whom at first may be intimidating but has a certain je ne sais quoi that often leads to those around her being completely enraptured. Each of the three are fully voice acted and have their own endings, meaning it’s not necessarily just an untimely death that’s in order.

“Following the amazing reception to the original Sucker for Love concept featured in Dread X Collection 2, we knew we had something special on our hands,” said Patrick Ewald, owner and producer at DreadXP. “We’re delighted to work with developer Joseph Hunter of Akabaka on expanding Sucker for Love into a series of fun and bizarre games.”

It’s not all going to be dark rituals atop a stone altar, however. so grab your Necronomicon and read up before Sucker for Love: First Date spawns on Steam and in December 2021. Find out more on the official Steam page now.

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