Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars Ready To Rock Onto Mobiles

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars has just been announced for iOS and Android devices in the west and fans can pre-register for the title right now.

Developed by Klab Games and coming to the west for the first time officially, this bright new game is yet another member of the team for Japan’s massive Love Live Project. Set in the Love Live universe, the title strikes a beat that falls somewhere between RPG and rhythm games. The All Stars games isn’t quite the tap along experience that Love Live: High School Festival provides. Instead, players have the opportunity to join the Nijigasaki High School, an institution based in Tokyo and full of students who have the freedom to explore and specialize in a variety of subjects. As you join the 27 school idols in their adventures you’ll help create the very best Live shows imaginable and help the characters from the franchise get ready for the School Idol Festival.

Fight For Success

Bringing together the more traditional mobile RPG model with something that Love Live fans will adore, the opportunity to join the idols behind the brand, the game allows players to support the idols in several ways. As the game explores more narrative areas of the story, players can scout and earn new team members, unlock costumes, and voice clips. RPG style strategies allow band members to clear performances, remember the stage is a battleground.

Featuring the μ’s, Aqours, and the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, this game comes off the back of an anime success that cemented Love Live as a part of Otaku culture. With multiple anime, manga series, and even live performances, the Love Live brand now has it’s second western mobile game which you can find on the Apple Store and Google Play Store now. Pre-registrations and Pre-orders are open now with bonuses for getting in early. If you need something to fill the time until release you could try to get to the bottom of Idol Culture by asking the chat over in the Crunchyroll Anime Marathon that is running over on Twitch right now.




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